NYM Curl Talk Line

NYM Curl Talk Line

Forgive my photo, but I was too lazy to move things around. I wanted to share my thoughts on this line even with my poor photo.

A few weeks ago, Ulta had the big Not Your Mother’s sale. I missed taking advantage of it because I was still trying to make DevaCurl products work for me.

About 10 days after the Ulta sale ended, Publix had BOGO (Buy One Get One for those who do t use these terms.). I took advantage and decided to try some of the CurlTalk line.

First product I tried was the Curl Defining Cream. Loved it immediately. Curls were more defined and my hair was so soft. I tried Ouidad climate Control gel and/or Aussie Instant Freeze or LALooks gel on it. Love this product! It’s definitely become one of my “go-to” products.

Last week I tried the 3-in-1 conditioner….wow is all I can say. Love, love this. My hair loves protein. I’ve found so far that my hair does best when used as a Leave In Conditioner.

Today was wash day. I tried the Shampoo for the first time. To be honest, I had low expectations for this shampoo. No particular reason – it was just unknown.

Boy, was I wrong! Today, I used all 3, plus kinky Curly Curling Custard. Love,love, Love this combination.

I’m optimistic we will continue to see improvements. Yeah, was surprised about how much more volume my hair had today. Can not wait to try the gel for this line with these products.

Do you think use of an entire product line makes your hair turn out better? Why or why not?

Three Months in to my Sparkle Journey

Three Months in to my Sparkle Journey

4 mos since started growing out a pixie. 3 mos since roots have been colored. Slowly growing out. I think there’s a couple of dark spots. Will be interesting to see as it gets longer.

For curls, at this point, here’s what I’m finding works best for me in the hot and humid climate of FL. Paired with air drying, I’m finding my best product combo is; AsIAm Co-Wash, NYM Blue Sea Kelp and Coconut water conditioner. I add KC Curling Custard while still in shower. Wet plop. I add Aussie gel, add some curl clips and let air dry. I find my curl isn’t holding as well if I diffuse.

Top left: all product in, but still wet. Top right: totally dry 12+ hours later w/ curl still holding. Bottom left: another view of dry 12+ hours later. Bottom right: top so you can see all the sparkle shining through.

TBT – 6/20

TBT – 6/20

This is me. 22 years ago. Before I had treatment for cancer. Before kids. Before tons of straightening. Before I owned a flat iron. Tons of thick hair.

This is me 2 days ago when I was getting ready. Curl pattern very different. My goal is to have curls more like photo 1. Not so sure if that will happen for all the reasons listed above. That and I’m also not 100% sure if Humira I take for RA impacts my curl.

One thing that has remained constant is my hair gets curlier as it gets longer. I’m ok if it doesn’t get there, but hopefully it will be a little more defined.

What about you? Have you had things you feel have impacted your curl?

Curly Girl Approved Purple Shampoo??

Curly Girl Approved Purple Shampoo??

One of the hardest things I’m struggling with so far on this journey is how to make sure that sparkle is from silver and not brass from highlights.

I know not everyone highlights their hair to help with this transition, but for me, it helped me feel more comfortable. Since I highlighted, I have only gone in for toner once. When I was having it colored, I heard I have a tendency to pull warm. I was always in some “rich chocolate” or “warm caramel” type color that was ok. When we did my highlights, the toner we used was some combination of chrome and opal. Cool tone. This meant I’d have to use some kind of toning shampoo or conditioner.

If I wasn’t also embracing my curl, I’d probably have just used the Redken Blondage shampoo and conditioner. Since I started The Curly Girl Method, I find myself constantly checking Curlsbot to see if it is Curly Girl Approved. Not that it was a surprise, but my Redken products were not. I was hoping the Matrix Brass Off would be, but it wasn’t. The GVP Conditioner that is like the Clairol Shimmer Lights comes back with the same result as the actual Clairol Shimmer Lights conditioner.

I saw Clairol Shimmer Lights listed in either the Curly Girl Method or the Silver Hair Handbook (also by Lorraine Massey) so I was fine trying it because I’m not a purest. I do what works for me. The fact that the GVP one is $5 less for the same size bottle makes me feel less guilty about my growing product collection.

Initially, I thought this wouldn’t work as well as the Brass Off Mask because it wasn’t as purple. No concerns at all now. I’m hoping I can not use a toner and use this. Right now, I really only use once a week.

Today when I used it, here was my washday routine:

    Towel Dry with Microfiber towel
    Apply GVP purple conditioner. I raked this in (don’t normally do that except for this conditioner)
    Combed it with wide tooth comb and let sit for about 10 min before I rinsed
    Followed up with GVP Conditioning Balm using “squish to condish”
    Quick run-through with my Denman brush before I rinsed. This may be too much for some but my hair feels better, so it’s what I do
    Added just a little KinkyCurly Custard
    Wet Plop before adding a few finger curls and clips and let it air dry

Now I admit, it’s not my best hair day today but that wasn’t my goal. My sparkle is bright! (Did I mention it looks like I inherited my grandma’s silver white hair?!?) No frizz from Florida humidity! (Do you hear harps from heaven for this miracle!!) Great clumping! Good volume. Incredibly touchable. Perfect for a low key Saturday! Not one ounce of regret for starting this journey!

The “Steele” Eyes

The “Steele” Eyes

What are the “Steele” eyes? Don’t look at me, because I didn’t inherit all of it.

Not sure how far back it goes, but I have an old photo my grandmother gave me of her great grandmother who has the eyes. This photo isn’t on paper (it’s on glass) and I can’t tell what color her eyes were but, it’s definitely the same shape. The shape of her eyes and eyebrow area is the same that I see in both my brothers, my cousin, my dad, my aunt (that cousin’s mother) and my grandmother. Except for the color, I see it in me.

My grandmother had these really pretty eyes that would change colors. They were gray/violet. Sometimes green. Sometimes pure blue. What they never were, was brown. Her own children inherited brown from my grandfather. All of her grandchildren inherited her eyes, except for me.

I was always jealous as a kid. One of my brothers and my cousin have the gray/violet. And my youngest brother has the hazel/green color that change colors. There’s at least one kid in the next generation that has continued to inherit the Steele eyes and/or her auburn hair.

While I didn’t intend for this to be a history lesson or sob story – the point is I was always jealous. We all had dark hair – even if I was more auburn at various points (without the dye.) I wanted the eye color.

At this point in life, I can’t imagine ever wanting anything but the brown I have. As long as my eyebrows are shaped and I have some kind of eye lashes, I feel like they’re me – showing you who I am inside.

I won’t talk about it as good or bad features. For me it’s more about versatile and natural. I can make dramatic, or do nothing and be ok with how I leave for the day. Ok, maybe I’m still not there on natural eye lashes, but let’s save that for a different day.

Now that I’m on this journey to fully embrace my wavy sparkly hair, I’ve got to find some new tricks to brighten things up.

Fellow Silver Sisters, have any advice?

The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Funny…this page is a page WordPress created when I set up the site, but it fits. And let’s face it – I’m lazy and really should be asleep by now.

Back to the existing page. The quote is spot on.

And the image works;

I live on Florida’s Gulf Coast near Tampa/St Petersburg. We get AMAZING Sunsets here. The Gulf is beautiful, but hurricane season can suck. You get the bad with the good.

I probably should have warned you, but you probably already figured out, while there may be easier metaphors, I apparently like to use my own. Just Go With It.

I created this blog because I’m excited about this journey of ditching the dye and flat iron and embracing my naturally Wavy hair that sparkles with a combination of silver and white. I’m learning more about me in the process.